Lighting systems upgraded and virtual sets transform a place in few minutes : customized sets, nature, panorama 360°, works of art, magnified image detail, baroque or classic, still or moving images, change according to your wishes.


How does it work ?

The size of a projected image can reach ten meters wide.

Still or moving, very high resolution images, easy to implement, thanks to manager software.

Some projectors can be adapted for interior or exterior, discretely integrated into the environment.

Image resolution which varies from HD (basic resolution of 1920 pixels) to 8 or 10K (basic resolution of 10 000 pixels), displaying a panoramic and high quality picture.

Do you consider a new construction ?

It represents a fitting occasion to integrate lights and projectors into your architectural project : cable transitions, control network, video projectors, lights, preprogramming control, reliability, ease for use.

Watchout software takes into account the constraints about spaces’s decoration : image-cutting process, geometric correction if projectors are offsets.



You can choose your video sequences and theme of images (nature, urban, macro, skies,…) constantly evolving. We propose also customized decoration and integration of your images on demand. Trimestrial or monthly renewal subscription.



We manage the project from the conception to the setting, based on a maintenance contract, together with your architect and other expertises (lighting designers, electricians, automation specialists,…).

We put our expertise to work since over 20 years in professional fields of image and light, for projection of immersive decorations, for indoors or outdoors’s use.