Technological expertise for audiovisual solutions, Dataton Premium Partner, consulting and know-how from conception to implementation of technological equipment and scenic features for multi-screen projects.

Digital exhibitions, museography, presentations (shows), showrooms, simulators, TV shows, events, staged shop spaces… Every physical element can be covered by animated images, from simple decoration to immersive and interactive spaces.


Fields of expertise :

  • Definition of the concept, technical study, the best audiovisuel solution recommanded according to project’s constraints


  • Watchout expertise, video mapping / multi screen broadcast (including media animation and calibration on surfaces which are chosen to be covered by video projection)
    • Training for Watchout system (orientation / improvement)


  • Medialon expertise, show control
    • Development of automatisation system of one or several audiovisual shows
    • Training for Medialon system (orientation / improvement)


  • Custom application development for adding interactivity (tracking, RS232,…)